3ipunt Solucions Informàtiques


València 359, entresòl 2
08009 Barcelona
T 935 325 991


We maintain direct communication with our clients, to better understand all his requirements and solve them with the maximum efficiency.

Cordiality and good communication is essential in our company.

Mitxel Moriana

Full stack developer

We are constantly training to offer the most innovative solutions at all times.

Elisenda Hernández

CMS Developer and QA

Our use of Scrum methodology and continuous integration techniques allow us to optimize the development processes and the quality of the final product.

Eva Pereira

e-Learning Manager

We carefully listen to our clients to ensure the best e-Learning solution for their company or educational organization.

Carlos Bonache

PHP Developer

We get involved in our projects contributing with our knowledge and our view of technology.

Marc Nieto

Java Developer

Our deep knowledge of open source gives us flexibility and independancy.

Roser Pruaño

LMS Developer

We carefully analyse each project to make sure the best solutions is applied.

Amanda del Valle

CMS Expert

Our strenght is the flexibility of our organization, that enables us to fully adapt to the needs of our clients.

Raúl Martínez

LMS Expert

We are constantly reinventing ourselves to use the latest technological techniques.



Antoni Bertran

Socio Fundador

Our use of open source software and the flexibility in the technology we use, is what makes us different. We do it to offer the best solution to any problem.

We work in a smart environment and we transmit it in our projects.

Pau Plana

Founder Partner

Our experience and desire for improvement is our guarantee.

Nando Gil

.net Expert

We conceive technology like a craft work. We select our projects taking into account what they can bring to us and in which way we can better contribute to their final outcome.