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These are some of our cases of success.

Barcelona town hall

Several projects with CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress for proyects. Worth mentioning the platform of the Ateneos de Fabricación, where WP was integrated with their CRM systems.  

CMS | Portals | Web CRM Mobile apps
Andorra government

Management system to sell Product/Services and keep visitors statistics ( OTGes ), installed in the 11 tourism offices of andorra, that gathers the information for its management.

Custom software Technologies

Project developed using open source CMS Joomla, importing and exporting all the required data to multiple systems and data sources.

CMS | Portals | Web Custom software See the project
Beat Your Mark

Triathlete Web Plataform developed in grails. This website have all the results and tools to improve the results of the triathletes.

See the project

Management system of the products database of the company. Interrelation beetween systems and exportations to all B2B platforms.  

Custom software Technologies
Catalonia government

Many projects developed for the Department of Education based on e-learning systems. We highlight the Marsupial project.

Custom software LMS Technologies
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

We work together since 2008 in development projects and designing new interfaces. Projects are developed with moodle, Joomla!, wordpress and are customized with web services using java and php..

CMS | Portals | Web Custom software LMS Technologies
Gerona council office

Thanks to vTiger CRm is possible to manage the different tasks done from the council office to the 221 cities that take part of it.  

Informática El Corte Inglés

We have colaborated in many projects with Informatica el Corte Inglés, mainly in the public sector.

CMS | Portals | Web Custom software LMS Mobile apps Technologies

Java programming tasks to develop different departments of their portal made by openCMS and development of international management assurance systems.  

CMS | Portals | Web Technologies
Pizza Hut

Coauthors jointly with Fastware of the franchaising management system implanted in many franchaises of the food sector.

Custom software Technologies

Web creation with Joomla! and CRM creation with vTiger and the relation between both systems and other ones of the company.

CMS | Portals | Web CRM Technologies
Sitges Town Hall

Development of the application of the fair of Sitges, several webs for the Sitges town hall and an interactive game about civism shared with all childrens of the schools.

Custom software Mobile apps Technologies